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myGuardian - Smart Mobility Protection Solution

Digital Stratergy

A life-saving mobile app that triggers alarms to people identified by the owner of the mobile in case of accident, fall or shock. This app allows insurers to reduce claims costs (death, injuries, medical consequences) as it helps speed up the arrival of rescue to the victim’s location, which is critical to increase the chance of survival

CAP Risk


CAP Risk is a Fire and Property Claims Admin Portal Integrated with Risk Survey and Accumulation

CAP Risk is a fully customizable/white labeled platform designed to cover end-to-end Fire and Property insurance business from Risk Survey, Underwriting decision, risk accumulation, policy issuance, claims as well as renewals.

Portal maximizes business, reducing operational cost and overhead; a completely paperless environment with built-in workflows, helping insurers make quick and informed underwriting decisions with the help of various reports and analytics.

Insure As You Travel


A revolutionary mobile application transforming travel insurance
This is transforming travel insurance from an old fashioned, over priced and cumbersome products, into an agile, flexible and pleasant customer experience,.

based on time, location and behavior, resulting in fair pricing and easy billing...

Multi-distribution Insurance Platform

Multi-distribution Insurance Portal

The ‘’Mass Digital Distribution Service’’ platform (MDDS) is a customizable / white labeled multi product (Motor, Travel, Home, Personal Accident, SME package, Marine etc.) insurance web portal. It is designed to offer digital distribution (frontend) as well as middle office and back office functionalities (underwriting, claims, MIS etc.). The portal maximizes business, whilst reducing operational costs and risks.

The ‘’Mass Digital Distribution Service’’ platform is also fully integrated with aggregator portal offering end-to-end automated and paperless solution from lead generation, quote comparison, online payment to policy issuance and after sales services.

Wellness Solutions

Complete Wellness Solution - giving peace of mind

A Complement to LifeAlarm and Insure As U Travel, since it offers health improvement and wellbeing monitoring services

Also complements Group medical insurance helping reducing claims, thanks to better health and monitoring system providing proactive alerts

  • Biomedical Health Screening
  • Lifestyle healthscore - Ways to improve over all healthscore
  • Rewards on progresses
  • Personalized interview and coaching’s to help progresses
  • Blood and Biometric tests-monitoring

Game Changing Mobile Applications


In order to help clients transform digitally and quick start some initiatives that are meaningful, digit@lab has invented mobile applications that are:

Sensors for Insurance

Digital Stratergy

Sensors capture and deliver real time data, which can result in real time response based on accurate information, for proactive risk prevention in premises, factories, etc.

digitalab has expert resources in the design, customization and integration of advanced sensors connected with apps to better help and protect corporations and people in their daily activities

Digital Strategy & Research Outsourcing

Digital Stratergy

We offer companies that can’t afford their own digital team, but have a few ideas (or no idea), an outsourced digital center.

In a different fashion, we offer large corporations with existing digital teams that are struggling to produce tangible results and solutions.

Our support can be shaped in 3 types of assistance, which offers full flexibility, comfort and sustainability:

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

We help create “Digital Lead Generation Engine” supported by Search, Display, Video and Social media

Evaluation of Website’s ZMOT(zero moment of truth) presence and improving Social Media Strategy (ROI oriented).

Generating qualified leads through targeted social media campaigns and running of multiple advertising themes concurrently

Digital analytics integration (with advanced tag management solutions)and data reporting vs targets

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Flexibility, comfort and sustainability

From addressing a prospect database, via Offline/Digital or Social media, we assist in the definition and execution of DMTM campaigns:

Similarly, we assist in the design of Face to Face and Online FC/Agent sales processes when required

We also help closely monitor and support execution

Digital analytics integration (with advanced tag management solutions) and data reporting vs targets

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