Who we are...

Digitalab Solutions is a ‘’brain power and innovation’’ provider, translating ideas and concepts into digital applications for the financial services, real estate, hospitality and others sectors.

The company is established in Dubai and covers mainly the GCC and Middle East, although we also support clients in both Europe and Africa. We embed new social, market and technology trends to develop digital services to improve customer acquisition, care to customers, loyalty and of course revenues….

Our solutions are easy to deploy, scalable and economical...

Why we are here...

Providing game changing and disruptive solutions!

Digital Stratergy

Conventional insurers are now under threat from:

  • More agile conventional competitors, already investing
    and using digital, IoT, IA, etc. to grow faster;
  • Fintech/ Insurtech companies, biting in some areas of
    the value chain;
  • And soon, new players such as Amazon–Berkshire
    Hathaway–JP Morgan and other similar regional/local
    players looking at retail insurance as the next move…

No organization, in no country, is immune to this game changing eco system

However, there are ways to adapt and even strive

How Do We Help?

We provide a holistic approach to transforming your organization and help CXOs and Boards conceptualize new Strategies, widening their understanding regarding new social, market and technological realities as well as trends such as (IoT)

IT and Digital Solutions

Digital Stratergy

We offer readily customizable IT and Digital solutions, that can be easily customized based on business requirements.

We particularly help in digital strategies and transformation, including designing new business models, concepts, prototypes and solutions (such as new products and delivery)

Our solutions are fast, economical and effective.

Advisory Services

Digital Stratergy

We help companies adapt their organization/HR to the digital ecosystem

Understanding their limitations (human resources, time, legacy IT, priorities etc.) and providing tailor made support (Research – Assessment – POC - Project Management – Execution – Governance)

Hands on support in Social Media Marketing - defining the customer decision journey and customized road map & action Plan

How do we further help?

Outsourced Insurance Digital Lab

Digital Stratergy

‘’Listening’’ and ‘’understanding’’ limitations (HR, time, ITlegacy, priorities, etc.) vs. objectives

Playing the healthy role of the ‘’devil’s advocate ’’, challenging plans, projects, priorities, to better ascertain validity.

Providing tailor made support to improve such plans, projects, offering new perspectives, HR capabilities, ideas, and solutions thanks to our network of ‘’techies’ ’and insurance industry Experts

Let's Get Started

Enable Innovation

Digital Stratergy

We, ex-industry C-Suite and ‘’techies’’, offer hands on support proposing, broadening, improving and fastening digital initiatives, starting with available smart solutions

We help reaching better potential transforming business into a modern, friendly, efficient and more profitable model

Whats Next?